S’MAC: Mac and Cheese Like Never Before

S’MAC, also known as Sarita’s Mac and Cheese, takes the simple dish of Macaroni and Cheese and brings it to an entirely new level. This quick and simple restaurant has quite a few different flavors that can cater mac and cheese to any audience.

Here is a list of the flavors that I have tried, ranked in order.

(Note: that these are merely my opinions. These opinions are all fiercely contested among S’MAC fans.)

1. The Four Cheese-this is the holy grail of mac and cheese. The “quattro fromaggios” featured are Cheddar, Gruyere, Muenster and Pecorino. Although some disagree about what the best flavor is, the Four Cheese is, on balance, the most popular. The fresh cheeses are all seperated on to different sections of the pasta, so you can enjoy four distinct flavors in the same meal.

2. The Cajun-this is quite good. It has a balance of meat, cheese, and vegetarian flavor. The green pepper and onion give it a crunchy texture and a bit of heat. If you like a mild amount of spice or like Cajun food, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Napoletana-simple mac and cheese with an Italian spin. As its name suggests, it is quite similar to the basic Italian pizza, featuring chopped up tomato, basil, and garlic. My opinion on it is similar to the classic Margherita pizza: great, but simple without much innovation over the traditional mac and cheese.

4.The All American-this is the classic and original flavor that we associate with mac and cheese. Although it is nearly impossible to dislike, it is designed to be plain and simply. For most, it lacks enough flavor, but if you are in the mood for classic mac and cheese, this isn’t a bad option.

5. Buffalo Chicken-this is the most divisive item on the menu. Certain people love this, while the others rank it at the bottom of the list. Although the sauce does give the pasta a bit of extra flavor, I thought it overwhelmed the cheese and breadcrumbs–I could only taste buffalo sauce. However, others, like Ishita, enjoyed the chicken and buffalo sauce. As a general rule: if you love buffalo wings, you’ll probably like this.

6. Parisian-“overly ambitious”. It features shitake mushrooms and figs, as well as rosemary. Although it sounds good and elegant on the menu, S’MAC is a delivery mac and cheese shop. Most people agree the ingrediants don’t jive well. My advice: avoid this.

After the Four Cheese, the best thing about S’MAC is that it delivers to most areas in Manhattan. The restaurant is fun to go to, but nothing special. It is a bit small and can be crowded sometimes.

But, when you don’t want to leave your room, nothing beats S’MAC. It is really good food, with great value and a convenient delivery service.

(Note: the delivery guy never lets you keep the receipt. No one really knows why, but since he doesn’t speak English very well, you should let it slide and go with the flow.)


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